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EMZET Namioty provides professional service and timely inspections which guarantee the perfect condition over the life of a facility and the customer’s satisfaction.

In accordance with the regulations of the Construction Law (Article 62 Act 1) tent halls and other facilities need the interim reviews so that they can be maintained properly. Since EMZET Namioty Sp. z o.o. has the obligation to keep the construction log, we provide mandatory periodic control service of the facilities.

We offer highly qualified engineers and comprehensiveness of all the maintenance, repair and modernization services. Keeping the hall in a proper technical condition reduces the risk of accidents and prevents the customers from financial penalties in case of the official control. It also ensures that compensation is paid in case of random events.


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Unrivalled quality at a competitive price and short implementation time. All our production is a subject to an internal quality control system so that the product meets the EN-PN 13782 standard.