EMZET tent halls are durable, long-lasting and aesthetic aluminium constructions. Thanks to the modern solutions our tent halls are comfortable, space saving and easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Precise design makes our tent halls an increasingly popular alternative for brick buildings. We provide a large space and possibility of quick change of location on the customer’s requirement.

EMZET products can be adjusted to the individual customers preferences. We offer a wide range of sizes and additional options of warehouse hall construction.
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EMZET offers great quality industrial mobile tents. They can be used during party and sport events or fair markets. Our storage tents are available in a wide range of construction designs. 

Our industrial tents are certified and have a technical specification so that they can be used as roofing, independent facility or as a spare space. We offer both standard and custom design objects.

Warehouse and storage tents will work especially when you need unique colours and graphic elements on the retail space.
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EMZET tarps  are advertising elements on the tarpaulin or material covers for cars. 

We design and produce tarpaulins for vehicles, trailers and frames of all kind. Our professional technicians can implement practically every request in a short time.

We design and produce durable, easy to assemble and weatherproof large-scale banner advertisements. We can also provide immediate repair service at a competitive price.
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Your idea, our design – we are looking forward to new challenges! How can we help you?

We design and implement event the most unusual ideas of our customers and we do it with passion. You can create an original construction or a spare space without arduous formalities.

For 25 years our ideas and tent hall constructions are gaining recognition by the customers who value unique and original solutions.
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For over 25 years EMZET solutions are gaining recognition among customers who value the highest quality and unique design at a reasonable price. Halls, tents, tarpaulins, unusual and structurally demanding objects? WE are looking forward to new challenges. Our aluminium framed tent halls are a great alternative for brick buildings. They are easily assembled and disassembled and have an aesthetic look.

See our used halls offer. They are an ideal solution for the clients seeking a spare space at low coast. Our used halls are after a technical review and are in excellent condition. They are ready to be installed by our fitters or can be personally collected and self assembled. We offer various hall sizes made of durable PCV material or two-gate models.

We offer along- and short-term renatl of a tent hall or a tent with equipment. It is the perfect solution for the customers who care about comprehensive equipment – we adjust floors and mounting methods. The facility is brought by our fitters to the designated location and mounted there. You can also receive it personally from our office and assemble yourself. Service costs are valued individually.

EMZET provides a full help at every stage of the hall exploitation. We guarantee warranty and post-warranty service. Our qualified engineers perform a mandatory periodic testing along with the technical state registering. Interim reviews are an essential and necessary element of a proper usage of a hall.



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