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Lightweight whole year EMZET tent halls with aluminium construction are a perfect cost-effective alternative for traditional brick building or steel framework. They are easily disassembled and relocated in a cheap manner throughout its life of service. Optimal and innovative construction enables large open space with no need for traditional support.

Our tent halls have a wide range of applications:

  • warehouse and storage halls
    – seasonal and whole year storage.
  • market halls
    – promotional facilities and sale points.
  • party and event halls
    – party halls at hotels, restaurants, bars and discos.
  • sport halls
    – tennis courts, ice rinks, sport fields and riding stables.

The implementation time is far shorter in comparison with traditional construction. Quick disassembly and relocation of an industrial tent hall is an option when the area is rented or the roofing in distant location is needed.

We easily arrange open space as event, party or storage facilities. Additional accessories of industrial halls enable to adjust the facility to your needs, e.g.:

  • hangar doors
  • windows, doors
  • floor (durable and traffic loads proof as well as decorative e.g. wooden floor)
  • heating (in case of the whole year facility)
  • soffits (hall’s construction hidden under the decorative elements)
  • wall decoration

Our customers can create a tent hall with practically unlimited size (in terms of height, length and spread of the facility) so we can adjust the final construction to one’s individual requirements. Our standard tent halls are even more cost-saving.

We produce the hall frames from the highest quality aluminium. The framework is the most crucial element carrying all the load so it has to be of the highest quality in case of long-lasting and trouble-free use. We pay maximum attention to the detailed construction analyses and manufactured components which distinguishes us from the other companies in the market.

We produce roof and wall sheathings from a tarpaulin – extremely weatherproof material (withstands sun, rain, snow, wind). The material is also available in many colours and can be painted or covered with prints.
If needed, we can make the wall from mesh, which is a partially transparent material that maintains the view and illuminates the hall. In addition, it is possible to overprint the material so that the advertising banner is visible from the outside. It is a perfect solution for restaurant or outdoor events coverage giving an interesting image during the night. As an alternative we produce the walls from trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panel with polystyrene or polyurethane core of different thickness. 


Download the table of standard modules


Unrivalled quality at a competitive price and short implementation time. All our production is a subject to an internal quality control system so that the product meets the EN-PN 13782 standard.