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EMZET is a proven and appreciated manufacturer that offers whole year tent halls and storage tents. 

Our tents are versatile facilities based on the construction characteristics. They serve as warehouses, retail facilities (both temporal and whole year), production facilities and objects used during entertainment or sport events. Attractive and aesthetic design makes them more and more popular and enables various applications according to the customer’s need.

Relatively low cost of our storage tent halls results from fully functional and durable, yet still cheap construction materials. We use aluminium frames and PCV tarpaulins. All construction elements and accessories are convenient and certified to ensure their safety and endurance.

You can adjust technical details individually so that the final product exactly meets your expectations. Therefore, we offer the tarpaulin’s colour change or overprint with a company logo. Standard roll-up door is placed at both ends of a warehouse. We also provide sliding gates and single- and double-leaf doors with electric drive, if needed. An attractive and durable floor made of OSB plates or systemic plastic flooring can be made at a competitive proce. At the client’s request EMZET also offers an aesthetic liner which improves the tent’s standard.

EMZET offers fully certified products. The tarpaulin is fire-proof. We provide lightweight tent halls that are easily assembled and transfered into another location. Our tent halls are perfect as temporal facilities used as market halls or event facilities. EMZET also makes heavyweight whole years construction resistant to temperature fluctuation, rain and wind.

If you are interested in a full price list please contact our representative so that you can discuss all the options to customize the facility to your needs.