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EMZET Tent Halls and Structures offers fully functional solutions that work in many industries such as an additional area for furniture or electronic components manufacturers, and as a hall for cold stores, printhouses, manufacturing facilities, etc. It is the customer’s decision how to use a hall tent and what kind of construction details they need.

Our tent hall is a complete and fully finished construction which enables cheaper installation than a brick building. Aluminium frames make indutrial halls lightweight and easy in transport, assmebly and disassembly so that our clients can easily change its location. What is important is that all the construction materials are certified and tested in terms of durability and weather resistance. Our construction is characterized by a large space available with relatively small number of support elements and short construction time at a low coast.

EMZET industrial tent halls are not only attractively priced but also precisely manufactured. We apply the best solutions to efficiently use the available space and adjust the construction to the customer’s individual needs. Our tent halls are safe and durable and yet still look aesthetically.

EMZET offers both new products, created according to an individual customer design, as well as the used ones that are safe and have the advantage of the standard facility, only with slight traces of use, e.g. different tarpaulin’s colour. They are reasonably cheaper and perfect for those customers who value the most optimal solutions at a low price. Price list is available on individual request and depends on the order details. In addition to standard equipment EMZET offers a wide range of gates, including sliding and segmental gates as well as lighting systems and comfortable floors.